What do you need to know about the first date after the dating site

Don’t be upset if he came without flowers. Today’s young people are far from romantic, and even the thought of bringing flowers on the Internet. But to push it on it – your task! Another symptom of disappointment when you meet two people whose acquaintance has passed through the Internet, is suddenly absorbed silence. After all, it would seem that silence is not typical of the chatterbox you used to communicate with via the Internet a day ago. But even here you can’t make a mistake without taking into account the positive, but to a certain extent, the quality of a person – shyness and modesty. In general, regardless of whether your first acquaintance has passed through the Internet or just on the street, the guy on the first date should become the initiator. If at the first meeting he does not know where to go, he is either a foreigner, or further acquaintance and communication is not interesting to him!

Each of us does not like to communicate with a person who is not purposeful and indifferent to events in life. But this is another sign of dissatisfaction and disinterestedness to share with you their plans for the next hundred years! You can even find bengali matrimony in the network, so make sure it’s not the problem.

Bright example of indifference at a meeting after acquaintance through the Internet is shown in boredom and indifference to you. Phone call to your friend and find out what he is doing tonight and whether he wants to go for a beer. This conversation can continue until you gently take him outside, get in a taxi and wave to him, and he will be happy to. The person who is absorbed by you, usually turns off his mobile phone at the first call and in addition, asks you for an apology. He will try to prolong the time of acquaintance, and learn everything that he couldn’t do through the Internet.

Remember also the fact that if you recently had a fight with your boyfriend or girlfriend and want to forget about it and start over – in any case do not talk about your experiences on the first date. Acquaintance assumes a story about some stories from a life, but neither through the Internet, nor in a reality it is not necessary to speak about recent separation, naturally, if you have not asked about it. And moreover, do not compare aloud your past partner with the person who is now going next to you. After all, all people are unique! And you can’t compare two people on the same parameters! It is possible that when you met online, communication was much easier, but if there is nothing to talk about, the discussion of the former partner is not the best topic! If it happens on your first date – think about it!

And when he doesn’t ask for your contact number, putting you in a taxi – everything is clear: you can dot on this acquaintance through the Internet! Look for another partner! And you do not despair! Not everyone will be able to endure a few hours walk with a shy nihilist and a terrible skeptic, a constant realist, who did not believe in miracles. Through such acquaintance at least once it is necessary to pass, if the beginning to it is necessary for it in the Internet. Girls, do not forget that although your talkativeness and is due to physiologically (you still have a speech center area three times larger than that of men), excessive chatter sometimes drives you crazy! Think about what you can share with a stranger the first time you meet him or her, and what you can leave for later.

One more tip when you get to know each other through the Internet. Going on a blind date without a photo, try to build as much as possible representations and images of the person you are going to meet. For often disappointments when you meet in real life occur precisely because you have built a certain ideal. Also, clarify everything that may be important to you at once, for example, kannada matrimony.