How a Curling Stone is Made

People are often fascinated to learn that curling stones  are made of granite from only TWO quarries in the whole world — in Scotland and Wales. The island of Alisa Craig was the original location where curling stones were made. Interesting tidbit — for the small price of  £1,500,000 you can BUY the island, as it has been on the market since May of 2011.

Curling stones are made from three types of quartz-free granite: Blue Hone, Alisa Craig Common Green (both found on Alisa Craig island), Trefor, which can be found in the Trefor quarry of Wales. Curling stones require this rare granite that has low water absorption, which prevents the action of repeatedly freezing water from eroding the stone.The stones weigh between 38-44 pounds, have a maximum circumference of 36 inches and are at least 4.5 inches high.