When is the best time to start on steroids?

Often in bodybuilding forums, aspiring athletes ask for advice on the choice of a drug and its dosage. In response, they are often asked about their age and weight. This is not a simple curiosity, because age often determines the effectiveness of anabolic. In fact, it is hardly possible to determine the optimal age for steroid use, but there is a perception that it is better to take steroids after 30 years. Young bodybuilders with great natural potential should abstain from taking drugs at an early age. Although anyone can buy drugs now on https://farma-shop.best/diabetes-medication.

Why do athletes start taking steroids?

It would seem that the answer to this question is obvious: anabolics help build up significant amounts of muscle tissue, as well as increase strength and endurance and accelerate recovery from stress. All this together helps to achieve the goal more quickly. However, do not forget that steroids are not a natural hormone, although they have a strong resemblance to natural testosterone. These drugs bind to the receptors, accelerating protein synthesis and metabolism and intervening in natural processes occurring in the body.

Athletes who have a natural stock of hormones and potential for muscle tissue growth are not advised to start taking anabolic drugs until these stocks have been exhausted. It is worthwhile to take AAS when both you and your body are ready for an additional dose of hormones from outside.

How to find out if you are ready to take steroids?

To assess your steroid readiness, you need to analyze some processes:

  • Testosterone production. In men, a surge of hormones occurs during puberty and by 20-25 years their secretion normalizes. Testosterone starts to be produced in smaller quantities, but the body still has free hormones that can be used to stimulate muscle tissue growth. Testosterone levels drop after 30 years of age and are no longer able to provide additional strength and energy to athletes;
  • Natural potential. It’s simple: while the muscles are swaying, they need to be swayed. There is no escape from genetics, so all bodybuilders have different natural potential, so each muscle growth occurs at a different pace. But as long as muscles grow without additional drugs, you shouldn’t take steroids;
  • Moral readiness. Yes, this is also a very important aspect, as most athletes are mistaken in believing that after taking anabolics it will be possible to soften the diet and train more relaxed. In fact, the effort in training will have to increase and change the diet. Many bodybuilders are not ready for this.

AAS Course Readings

Even beginners know that a course of androgenic anabolic steroids not only contributes to the achievement of certain sports goals, but can also have a negative impact on the functioning of the body. Of course, it depends not only on the state of the body, but also on the correct intake and compliance with these doses.

Steroid intake is acceptable if:

  • you’ve run out of strength and energy to build your own muscles;
  • the athlete has a stable hormonal balance;
  • bodybuilder has reached the age of 21.

A categorical ban on AAS is only issued in extreme cases where these drugs can cause irreparable harm. It is largely up to the athlete to decide whether or not to take anabolic drugs. You can find more information at https://farma-shop.best/anti-allergy-asthma.

Often steroids are used by professional bodybuilders who constantly need additional energy, strength and endurance for exhausting training. Beginners often decide to take an AAS course on the so-called plateau, during which the active muscle growth stops. Whether it’s your first or tenth course, you should take tests before starting the steroid course.