Tekken 7 review

Playing some well staged martial arts action movie sometimes gives you a nasty, though not too annoying, feeling. In the story clips the heroes do incredible stunts, conduct a series of punches beyond human capabilities and generally are incredibly cool, but it’s not always available. Tekken 7 has that control. And sometimes you’ll wish there was less of it, because your fingers will hurt and your brain will boil in the heat of fierce fights, where the smartest wins, not the strongest.

What you should know about the game

Bandai Namco’s representatives have said in many interviews that they want Tekken 7 to be newcomer friendly. It’s understandable: eSports is not standing still, and the audience is gradually increasing. With constantly growing budgets it is not surprising that the developers want to infuse new blood into the ranks of the fans.

But nothing has grown out of this desire. Devotees of “high-skill” can rejoice: Tekken 7 is difficult to master. Newcomers will run into a very high threshold of entry. But even if you’re a fan of the series, the game will still surprise you. Don’t think there’s anything to learn anymore. Characters have matured, a dozen newcomers have been added to the list of fighters, the combo system has been seriously redesigned. You can explore tekken 7 ranks to learn more details about the game.

A song of muscle and lightning

Tekken 7’s main success is that it breathed new life into the series without losing its personality. Bandai Namco has polished the game to a high gloss, from the graphics enhanced by the series’ new Unreal Engine 4, to the balance and ease of gameplay. The seventh installment is really screaming about wrestling its place under the sun from its competitors. And not only in eSports, but also at home gatherings, where you can go crazy to find out whose fighter is better. Oh, and PC users will be joining the party for the first time, because the series debuted on PCs. If you’ve played the plot of any other fighting game, don’t expect big surprises. Those who vigilantly follow the storyline twists and turns of the franchise will be pleased to see their favorite faces again. The staging of the animated scenes and the quality of the graphics are at a high level.

On the one hand, all story skirmishes are subordinate to the script, and that’s great. The player always knows how, who, why, and what is at stake in case of defeat. In addition to continuing the story, we are neatly served all the most important plot points from the previous six parts in a sauce of investigative journalism. Tekken 7 even tries to diversify the situations. In some cases the fights start while the scenes are still in progress, and then the beautiful clips discreetly flow into the gameplay. 

The main thing is who stays on his feet

No matter what the developers say in interviews, the story is not the main thing in the game. For years we’ve consistently gone to Tekken not for the story, but for the duels. A battle of wits and a competition in finger speed. In case anyone has any doubts, we hasten to reassure you: the combat system in tekken 7 is excellent. It’s been tweaked slightly, but that only makes it better.