How to hook a new girl

You “fell” on your new acquaintance, but you do not know how to find a key to her heart? In fact, this situation is common. So you’re not the first. And, therefore, to summarize the experience of your predecessors – a very doable task. Well, we’re happy to help you in this. Just in case, do not forget to buy the drug https://espanalibido.com/comprar-kamagra-online/, to be confident in their own abilities. According to experienced men (by the way, their opinion is shared by experienced psychologists), to understand who a woman really is, and how to conquer it, all that a man has to do – just listen carefully and be able to read between the lines.

She dreams of helping underprivileged children

So, let’s assume that your new acquaintance has shared with you her plans to help “troubled” teenagers and children left without parental care. This characterizes the girl as an organized person who seeks stability. So in the conversation with her man, above all, you need to focus on the habits that are ingrained in his life a long time ago. For example, you can tell her about your iron rule for the past ten years every morning to go for a run, regardless of the weather. It’s a great idea to ask her to keep you company.

She loves a challenge

When talking to you, did your girlfriend mention that she excels at any sport? That says she not only has a penchant for all kinds of sports, but she has leadership potential. To interest such a girl, you can help one simple trick. Offer her a friendly competition, at the end of which the winner gets to choose the time and place of the next date, and the loser will have to pay for both of them in a cafe.

She likes animals

Your new acquaintance confessed that she loves animals. Most likely, this is a result of her overly sensitive nature. As a rule, it’s easy to win over a woman of this type. Ask the girl to tell you about her pet. Well, a couple of hours later, when you already know the basic details of the life of her four-legged friend, begin no less detailed and fascinating narrative about what a wonderful dog (cat, hamster) gave you for your sixth birthday.

She can’t live without traveling

Passion for travel is usually an indication that a woman has developed a taste for adventure. Of course, such a girl needs a man who could be an equal companion for her in her new adventures. Tell her some “adrenaline” story from your own life – and in the eyes of your new acquaintance you will appear as a worthy partner, as easy going as she is.

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