Locker Room Bullying

It is regretful that the “culture of sport” is often associated with negative aspects of being on a team — such as hazing and locker room bullying. These long accepted and in some cases even defended behaviors do anything but foster positive sport experiences for their victims.

Traits of a Good Coach

For winning, that is. The one aspect of youth sports over which you have the LEAST control, it turns out, also happens to be the least important part of coaching youth. In fact, a study conducted by Michigan State found that 90% of kids said they would prefer to actually get playing time on a losing team […]

Doping and the Culture of Sport Symposium

Join the world’s top game changers in the anti-doping movement for the one-day symposium, “Doping and the Culture of Sport: Law, Science, Money and Ethics.” This symposium features 18 speakers, panelists, and special guests, including the esteemed Professor Arne Ljungqvist, M.D. of the World Anti-Doping Agency and the International Olympic Committee Medical Commission. Not only […]